Category: Illustration  •  Role: Illustrator and Designer  •  School: Art Center College of Design •  Class: Entertainment Design

Story Background

In the year 2020, the United States lost the third world war and was nuked into a desolate wasteland. As the rest of the world rapidly progressed in both culture and technology, the United States was forgotten due to a total media and global communications black out. Any technology using anything more advanced past computers was made illegal by the international peacekeeping community, and communities were not allowed to grow to a population size of more than ten thousand. The forced isolation made America into a place of mystery and exoticism, which made for many exaggerated plot lines in media around the world.

A small group of hard core American-culture fans from Japan, whose sole wish was to get a glimpse of America and its remaining monuments, set off on an illegal trip to try and find the rumored rebuilt city of San Francisco. The hero is a middle aged Japanese woman who is the founder of the American Rockabilly Club, a club for those with an infatuation with 1950’s lifestyle. Her daughter, the sidekick, has identity issues and is only going on the trip because of her boyfriend (the henchman) is a hard core but recent member of the Rockabilly club. The villain is also a member of the club, but is an undercover agent for the World Peackeeping society whose job is to make sure that the rumors about the lost city are true so that it can be deconstructed, but he must pose as a member to gain access into the closed off USA.