Flying Lotus Posters

Category: Design  •  Role: Photographer and Designer   •  Assignment: Art Center 

A set of posters for Flying Lotus's music video Coronus the Terminator.

I tried to capture the feeling and themes of the album (You're Dead!) by replicating what I imagined the afterlife to look and feel like. Since it was an assignment for a typography class, I wanted to push the limits of what I could do with the type- on the "Coronus, the Terminator" poster, I projected the type onto fog and photographed it. The hand was my hand, painted a metallic black with dollar store eyeshadow. It was a struggle setting everything up (lighting, fog machine, camera, computer, projector), and being the model and photographer at the same time, but it was still really fun!

Special thanks to Ted Schundler for assisting and letting me borrow his fog machine and projector!