Flywheel Sports

Category: Ipad POS and Mobile App  •  Roles: Design  •  Agency: Infuse  •  Client: Flywheel Sports


For my role in this project, I redesigned their IOS app, their website, and their iPad point of sale system. As of October 2015, these redesigns have not been implemented yet, but are shown as wired prototypes. My goal was to make the digital Flywheel experience more consistent and updated, as the current site and app looked outdated. I read through all the app store reviews to gather feedback from the users so that I could directly address their problems. Along with my product manager and senior developer, we wrote out a spec document and I created high fidelity mockups of each product.


Client Background

Flywheel Sports is a well established stadium cycling spin class with locations across the United States. It rose to being a market leader because of the high-end user experience; every studio has specialty shoes to rent, towel service, and other luxurious amenities. What set Flywheel apart from its competitors was its integration to its app to their bikes; customers could track how well they were doing in the class with various statistics pulled from the bike, reserve specific bikes, and see how they ranked compared to their friends or classmates.


IOS Flywheel App

The vast majority of Flywheel’s user base was on IOS and the app’s performance was incredibly important. Flywheel's classes are extremely data-centric, they needed to craft an experience that was consistent and encouraged sharing and displaying these stats.

Infuse made the original version of the app, and Flywheel approached us to improve and visually refresh the new app. We had an extremely limited budget for engineering so most of the changes had to be small and easy to make. I read through the reviews of the app on the app store and made changes that addressed common issues while keeping the project within budget.



Refreshing an existing app and addressing user needs

The old app was a couple of years old, so I changed the UI from being heavily shaded to being flat.  Because this was a re-design of an existing app, I kept most of the overall architecture the same as to not confuse current users, but added small features that were requested in reviews for the app in the app store.


Class Playlists

Based on the reviews on the app store, users wanted to view the playlist of songs during the workout. We linked each class's playlist on Spotify, and also gave users an option to text the playlist to themselves.


Switch Bike

There were multiple reviews in the app store that expressed frustration over switching bikes. Before, the user had to cancel their whole reservation and go through every single reservation screen before being able to pick a new spot. The new "switch bike" feature can be accessed from the upcoming classes screen.


Quick Reserve

Most users use the app multiple times a week, and have favorite classes and instructors that they frequent. To speed up the class reservation process for these users, I added in a "quick reserve" feature that lets you book the same class again. 



Interactive Prototype

I wired all the screens to a working prototype in Invision, which you can try out here or within this page. The prototype shows the app with the most common screens put in; checking in and viewing stats. 


Interactive iPad Point of Sale

Flywheel needed a iPad-based point of sale system that was connected to their main database. The system needed to be able to handle all the existing functions that the register could do, but also be able to check members in for their class, look up member information, and sign members up for new memberships. The UI needed to be consistent with their existing branding and the new IOS app as well. 

I researched existing point of sale systems (square, clover, ect) and created a new system that was compatible with the backend database and was intuitive for the sales representatives. The goal was to have the POS be easy enough to use so that it could eventually transition into a self-checkout station as well. 

I wired all the screens in Invision so that actual employees would be able to test the prototype and give feedback. If you'd like to view it on ipad, you can download it directly here.


Selecting Subscriptions and Purchasing Products

The Point of Sale unit needed to be able to handle guest checkout; selecting either classes or subscription types, and being able to check out with cash, class credits, or credit card. Existing customers could be looked up and checked in by email, and their order history would inform what packages to upsell them on. The unit also needed to handle all transactions of physical objects (water bottles, clothes, ect) as well.