About Me

I'm a (newly!) Los Angeles-based UX / web designer and photographer that was previously based in San Francisco. With 7+ years of experience, I've worked on digital products, branding, and print in tech and entertainment. I've worked in-house and at agencies, and on a fully remote/distributed team since 2019. I've been photographing clients since 2008, running photography programs at companies, doing corporate headshots, portraits of musicians and artists, and emerging technologies.

On the side, I run an enamel pin business called Wawa Wawa (it's an excuse to draw food I like), take care of my indoor jungle (I used to water the plants in the dome at the Academy of Sciences because I couldn't get enough of plants), and cosplay and play video games with my friends. I love playing ping pong. 





Email: juuliawang (at) gmail.com

Clients / Projects

X (Google X)

X Website, X Plex, editorial and portrait photography at X. Photography published in New York Times, WIRED, the Atlantic, the Verge, and others.


Loon Website, Loon Photography, marketing materials, and convention room designs

Gradient Ventures

Headshots, event photography


Google Meet Hardware, Series One, reCAPTCHA, Drug Take Back Day, Chromebooks, Google Registry, Made for Google, Pixel Playmoji


Niantic Earth Day, Niantic Sustainability Day, Niantic Research and Development

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Fest 2021, Pokémon GO Fest 2020 Online, City Spotlight


Intern program event photography

Flying Lotus

Coronus, the Terminator music video photography


Key photography for album artwork, press, and marketing; published in NYLON, Forbes Japan 30 under 30, MixMag, Paper Magazine, ect.


2019 - Present:

Blinkk (Agency), Lead web / UX designer / Photographer

  • Working with Blinkk’s team of engineers and project managers, I designed websites and launched websites, delivering every project on time and under budget. 
  • Designed Google websites, such as Google Meet Hardware, Made for Google, Chromebooks, reCAPTCHA, Recover Together, and others. Did additional illustration work for Google web assets, as well as compositing photographic assets for Chromebooks and Pixel Playmoji.
  • For Niantic and Pokemon GO, I designed websites for their events; Pokemon GO Fest 2020 Online and Niantic’s 2020 Sustainability Initiative. 
  • For Loon, I was the primary designer for marketing; I designed the Loon website, conference booths, print collateral, presentation templates, and branded merchandise, as well as art directing and taking all photos for Loon.
  • Supported Wing during their transition from X project to Alphabet company; did all website design, as well as illustration and design for marketing collateral (presentations at trade shows, infographics, printed goods, merchandise).

2017- 2019

(Google) X, Visual / UX Designer / Photographer

  • Supported various projects within X, including Loon, Makani, Wing and other projects by designing their websites, all marketing collateral as they transitioned from internal projects to companies going to market. Collaborated with X’s design team to do branding and naming initiatives for the projects as well. 
  • Worked on X’s rebrand and new website (2019) with the agency Instrument; helped give feedback and made iterations on website designs before and after launch. 
  • Designed X Plex, a large permanent internal museum of X’s history and mission.
  • Ran the photography program at X; art directed, planned and conducted photography shoots for X projects, which were used for marketing and press. Started and managed the prototype and headshot studio at X, where executives and managers could sign up and get headshots, and teams could get their prototypes documented. Photography I’ve shot at X has been published in the New York Times, WIRED, the Verge, and others.


Famo.us, UX Designer

  • Designed ~10 app templates, and art directed/produced ~40 app's branding, imagery, and UI elements, with an emphasis on motion design. Worked with and project managed agency partners to design main website.


Infuse, Visual / UX Designer

  • Designed web / android / IOS apps for clients, such as Flywheel Sports, myRoundUp, and Quick Quack Car Wash. 

2013 - 2014

One Lens Media (now Nurture Digital), Visual Designer

  • Designed pitch decks for commercials, drew storyboards, took photos, and assisted on video shoots. Photographed key art for YONEX's eZone AI racket, which was used on packaging, ads, billboards, and events.


Paramount Pictures, Design Intern (in-theater marketing)

  • Designed a database of all previews attached to Paramount films spanning 2000 to 2013, designed web and print assets for theaters to promote Paramount films, including Star Trek: Into Darkness, and World War Z.


Email: juuliawang (at) gmail.com

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